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The Louisiana Clerks of Court Association filed its first Charter in March of 1963. They purchased their first office property on Bricksome Avenue in 1983 under the first director, Orres LeBlanc, Retired Clerk of Court for Iberia Parish. The Board aspires to review and fulfill the goals of the mission, in order to continue efficient and effective representation of its members.
The role of the Clerk of Court in each parish is to maintain and preserve the official records of the parish. This includes processing and recording all land records, UCC documents, civil and criminal court proceedings, marriage licenses and other miscellaneous legal documents. In addition, each Clerk oversees all elections, election equipment and election personnel.

There are 64 parishes in the State of Louisiana but 76 Clerk of Court. The offices around the state are different in design, size, and staffing, yet similar in purpose. Several of the parishes contain satellite offices. The Association provides benefits for it's members and their eligible employees through the Louisiana Clerks of Court Insurance and Louisiana Clerks of Court Retirement and Relief Fund.